Île de Sein Mailbox

In June 2024, I traveled back to Brittany, along France’s west coast.  This is my third summer in a row visiting Brittany, and I have not tired of visiting this area.  There are beautiful town and stunning coastlines. In June the towns are bursting with blooming flowers.  Last year, I visited Belle Île, off the southern coast of Brittany.  This year, I decided to visit Île de Sein, a much smaller island off the western coast of France.

Reaching Île de Sein is quite easy, but the ferry schedule in early June is sporadic.  We timed our visit to catch a morning ferry from Audierne.  The trip would take about 45 minutes.  We had a beautiful morning crossing with lots of sun.  Arriving on Île de Sein, we were warned that the weather the next two days would be rougher, and the ferry might be canceled.  We had planned to spend two nights, but had a tight connection when leaving to get back to Quimper and catch a train to Paris.

With the weather uncertain, we needed to make the most of the sunny day we were presented with.  No cars are allowed on Île de Sein, so everyone walks.  You can walk the majority of the island in a few hours.  As we walked near the ferry dock, I spied a beautiful yellow French postal box on a pink wall.  The bright sunlight gave it a perfect drop shadow effect:



We had  wonderful day on the island, and awoke to clouds and rain the next morning.  With the ferry schedule in doubt for the following day, we decided to leave after one night and head back to Quimper.  Although our visit was short, I felt like I saw much of what the island had to offer.  I’d certainly consider a return, but there are many more islands off the coast of Brittany to explore.

I’ll be posting a lot more content from Brittany and Paris over the coming months.




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  1. Dr. Alma Martinez says:

    I continue to LOOK FORWARD to your beautiful pictures and travel stories, starting my day!

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