Sunset in Positano

After two years of failed Spring Break trips, we decided to set our sights on Europe with hopes that Covid wouldn’t prevent travel.  We wanted to re-visit the Amalfi coast.  We’d stay a few days in Atrani, a personal favorite of mine, as well as a few days in Positano, a place I hadn’t visited before. This was also a different time of year to travel (Spring) as opposed to the summer.  With the weather more changeable, I felt I might get some interesting photos.

Our trip coincided with the start of the typical tourist season on the Amalfi coast, April 1.  I had meticulously planned our trip.  We’d fly to Naples, then take the train to Salerno.  From there, catch a ferry to Positano.  The first legs went well, but when we arrived at the ferry dock in Salerno, we were told ferries weren’t running due to high waves.  Ugh.  We’d have to find another way.

The alternate way is a taxi — around 150 Euro, or the SITA bus, which we decided to take.  The bus ride was…interesting.  Although we hopped on near the start of the bus route, all the seats were taken.  That meant a lurching, twisty and turny ride to Amalfi while standing up.  At Amalfi, we needed to switch buses, but no bus was leaving for Positano as everyone was a lunch.  When we finally boarded the second bus a couple hours later, it was so packed the drivers made a split-second decision to put us on two buses — we had to get off and get on a different bus.  Thankfully we had seats.  Upon arriving in Positano, we were dumped at the far end of town, and had to find our way to our hotel.  It was a long travel day!

Positano, is, of course, beautiful.  The town climbs up from the beach into the hills.  If you aren’t fond of stairs, you may not like the town.  While there are cabs ($$$) and a city bus, walking is the best way to get around.

I scouted out the best location for a potential sunset photo, and found myself along one of the main roads, Crisofoto Colombo, on the eastern edge of town.  With the sun setting behind the mountains, the only hope for an interesting sunset was for the light to scatter high up into the clouds.  As luck would have it, we had a good cloud layer and I had predicted a good sunset.  As the light fell, beautiful pinks and reds radiated up from behind the mountain, setting the town aglow.

Sunset in Positano

Sunset in Positano

The lights in the town were also coming on, and the briefest sliver of a moon was visible above the mountains.  It was a wonderful sunset, and despite the long travel day, totally worth it.


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