Bogliasco Sunset

On my recent trip to the Ligurian coast, I tried to plan out some good locations for sunset photos.  On my second night of the trip, I took the train from my base in Camogli to Bogliasco, a town just fifteen minutes or so away.  Bogliasco has a nice skyline, and I had found a location on Google Earth where I thought I could get a good sunset photo.

After arriving at the train station, I walked through town and continued until I reached a narrow alley, which I took down to the water and a scenic spot called Scogliera di Pontetto.  This rocky outcropping seemed to be most popular for swimming, but it also had a wonderful view of the town.  My research had paid off!  I set up my tripod and waited for the sun to set.

We weren’t blessed with an incredible sunset, but it was still a pleasant evening, with yellow and orange tones lingering way past sundown.  As the town lights started to come on, I took this photograph:



I decided to use a shorter focal length and leave the foreground rocks in the photo.  I like the way they frame the photo and give foreground interest.



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