Sunset in Ludington

Each year, we take a fall break and head north to Michigan for a few days.  We typically spend most of our time in Ludington, a place we’ve been visiting for over twenty years.  Ludington has its charms — beautiful beaches along Michigan’s coast, miles of dunes and state park trails, friendly people and reasonable lodgings (at least in the off season).  It’s one of my favorite places.

The weather in October is always a bit iffy — it can be cold and rainy, or warm and pleasant.  The seasons are turning and winter is not far away.  It’s often a time for wind, waves, and good light.

On a breezy evening, I stationed myself near the north breakwater lighthouse and hoped for good light.  This lighthouse dates to 1924 and is about a half mile walk out along a breakwater.  At night it is lit with a brilliant green beacon.

There were some low clouds, which often means light will reflect and a good sunset is a possibility.  As luck would have it, that turned out to be the case.  I framed the lighthouse through some waving grasses and plants, and ended up with this photo:

Sunset in Ludington

Sunset in Ludington


I was quite happy with how this photo turned out.  The out of focus foreground was an artistic decision.  There’s not much of a foreground option here, but the grass created a nice frame around the lighthouse.


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