Ludington Lighthouse

Over Memorial Day weekend, we took a quick trip to Michigan.  We spent one night in South Haven and two nights in Ludington.  Ludington is one of my favorite places — I love being on Lake Michigan with its miles of dunes, good hiking, and the small town feel of Ludington is always welcome when you live in a larger city.

I usually find myself along the lakeshore at sunset to photograph one of the two lighthouses in town.  On this trip, I photographed the Ludington North Breakwater Light, located at Stearns Park Beach.  This lighthouse dates from 1924 and stands at the end of a half-mile long breakwater.  It’s a bit of a tradition to walk out to the lighthouse at least once during a visit.

The sun would be setting close to the lighthouse when viewed from the south pier, so I ended up setting up there.  On the way to the south pier, you pass through a series of dunes and dune grass, which make a nice foreground for a photo.  As the sky turned orange from the setting sun, I photographed the lighthouse framed through the dune grass.


Ludington Lighthouse


In addition to this short Michigan visit, I’ve just returned from nearly two weeks in France.  I’ll have a lot of photos coming from both Brittany and Paris.  Stay tuned!




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