Sunset in Ludington

If you’ve followed my blog over the years, you know I like to travel to Ludington, Michigan at least once per year.  The west coast of Michigan is a beautiful area with nice sandy beaches, small towns, state parks, and more.  I particularly enjoy the lighthouses.

October is a great time to visit, because the light tends to be good.  You get lots of great clouds coming off the lake, bringing opportunities for wonderful photographs.  We spent four nights in Ludington a couple of weeks ago, and managed to catch one wonderful sunset.  The day been pretty cloudy, but as the sun sank in the west, shafts of light were poking through the clouds, lighting up the city lighthouse.  I quickly joined a crowd at the edge of the water, and took a few photos, the best of which is below.

Ludington Sunset
Ludington Sunset

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