On my Summer 2023 trip to France, I prioritized a visit to Belle-Île-en-Mer, an island about 45 minutes boat ride from Quiberon, along the southern coast of Brittany.  Getting there would require a rather expensive ride on a car ferry, but I was excited for the chance at an adventure.

We picked up our rental car in Quimper, and after a night in Rochefort-en-Terre, drove to Quiberon and down to the port.  After checking in at the ferry, I carefully maneuvered the rental car onto the car ferry Vindlis.  After a short crossing, we docked in the port town of Le Palais.  The island is small, and some people choose to bicycle everywhere instead of bringing a car.  Because I wanted the flexibility to quickly move from place to place and also be out pre-dawn and after dark, having a car was essential.

Perhaps my favorite view on Belle-Île was the harbor at Sauzon, the other larger town on the island.  A small white lighthouse stands guard at the entrance to the harbor, with boats moored inside the breakwaters.  Brightly colored buildings surround the small port.  I climbed a hill and snapped this photo of the harbor:



I visited this location several times during my visit to the island, and I’ll have more photos to share of Sauzon in future posts.






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