Westport Fishing Boat

During our May 2019 trip to Nova Scotia, we drove all the way down to Brier Island, the westernmost part of Nova Scotia.  We spent a night there, as I was hoping to get a good photo of the lighthouse.  We stayed in Westport, the only town on the island.  While in town, I went out looking for other photo opportunities.  I liked this red boat, which was grounded due to the low tide.  The water provides a nice reflection, and the rope line gives a nice leading line.  I’m always excited to find compositions like this.


Brier Island itself was a pretty quiet place.  Just a couple hundred people live there, and there are only a few restaurants and hotels.  It’s mainly a base for whale watching.  Although it was a bit of a long drive (including two short ferry rides), I’m glad we went.


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