Foggy Blue Rocks

My wife and I were recently in Nova Scotia for five days.  We traveled a loop around the southern and eastern edges of the peninsula.  My goal was to get to know Nova Scotia by visiting and photographing some of its lighthouses and seaside towns.  One of the places I was excited to visit was the Lunenburg area, including the small town of Blue Rocks.

We didn’t have particularly good weather that day, and as we drove to Blue Rocks, we moved into a thick fog.  I tend to like lots of color in my photos, so shooting into a fog bank wasn’t ideal.  Of course, you have to make do with the conditions at hand.  This photo ended up being more of a “high key” style, with the lighter sky being completely washed out.  While it isn’t my typical style, I think it’s a nice peaceful feeling photo.


Foggy Morning at Blue Rocks

Foggy Blue Rocks

The next morning, I spent some more time in this area, as there were some great photos to be had.  There was no fog — so more pictures in another post!

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  1. Catherine Hicks says:

    Very contemplative.

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