Blue House, Cartagena

Still locked down due to the cornavirus, so I’ll keep digging through my old photos looking for something to share.

I spent my Christmas of 2017 in Cartagena, Colombia.  It was my second visit to Cartagena, but the first for my wife.  We had a nice apartment in the old town for five or six nights, it was wonderful.  I’m a huge fan of Cartagena, the town is beautiful and wonderful for photography.  The people are friendly, and there’s a lot of things going on.  It’s also quite warm, which I like, though I suspect it may be unbearable in summer.

My typical strategy for photography in places like this is to rise early, just as the sun comes up, or even before.  I’m out the door with the camera and tripod hoping to catch some quiet streets and to watch the city wake up.  I’ll sometimes photograph landmarks, but I’m also looking for everything from broad cityscapes down to small details — whatever catches my eye.

I’m always interested in doors, and Cartagena has some good ones.  I was particularly attracted to this facade — the door is quite plain, but blue is my favorite color, and I loved the vine growing above.


This photo, which is quite simple, ended up being one of my favorites from this trip.  I’ll try and share more, as I realize I never posted anything from this trip.



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