Pink Light in Portsmouth

When Covid hit, a lot of my normal destinations for photography trips became nearly impossible to visit.  While this was very difficult for me, it also opened some doors to new places I had never visited.  It turns out that I liked them very much.  My favorite new destination quickly became the coastal regions of Maine and New Hampshire.  I’ve always liked vacationing near water, and I particularly enjoy photographing lighthouses.

After a both a summer and fall trip, I decided to visit coastal New England in the dead of winter, mid-February.  I wanted to go at that time of the year hoping for bitter cold temperatures that would bring sea smoke and maybe even some snow and ice.  For the most part, I struck out on that, as it wasn’t nearly as cold as I thought it might be.

One morning, I visited several locations around Portsmouth New Hampshire that I had wanted to photograph.  My timing wasn’t great as dawn coincided with low tide, and that made a couple of the photos less desirable than I had hoped.  Still, as the sun came up, there was beautiful pink light across the horizon.  I ended up on a bridge looking back towards Portsmouth with a house and lobster dock in the foreground.  I absolutely love this composition but wish the tide had been higher:

Pink Light in Portsmouth

Pink Light in Portsmouth


I love the pink light, and the rising sun is behind me, yet reflected in the windows of the house.  That’s one of the odd puzzles about taking photos at sunrise.  At times, the better light is actually in the west as the sun rises in the east.  So it can pay to be flexible and have two potential photos to take on mornings like this.

I plan to re-visit this location in the future.  Currently, I’m planning a January 2023 trip back to this area, hoping it will be much colder than it was in February 2022.



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