First Light in Portsmouth

On a February trip to New England, I was presented with a sunrise dilemma — photograph a lighthouse (Whaleback) or the nearby waterfront in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  For a photographer who loves lighthouses, boats, and the water, this was a difficult decision.

I started my morning at Whaleback and got some nice photos of the lighthouse.  But the sunrise wasn’t spectacular, as there were few clouds to reflect the light.  However, behind me , I saw a nice pinkish/purple sky.  I made the decision to shift locations.  I jumped in the car and drove about five minutes to a secondary location, parked, and ran out to try and catch the fading color.

Portsmouth New Hampshire

Portsmouth New Hampshire

The Portsmouth waterfront is very photogenic, with brightly colored buildings and the spire of the North Church.  The sun was rising behind me and it lit the front of all the buildings which are facing east.  I’m glad I was able to get both my lighthouse photo and the waterfront photo!

I also captured a photo with the Portsmouth waterfront with a lobster boat in front on the same morning, which is posted here.


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