Shapleigh Island

On the last night of my recent Maine trip, I decided to stay in York, which is convenient to both Nubble lighthouse (which I planned to photograph in the morning), and a few points of interest to the south around Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

I had started my trip photographing Whaleback Lighthouse and decided to head back to that area for the last sunset of the trip.  In addition to Whaleback, there’s also the Portsmouth harbor lighthouse, the Portsmouth skyline, and one of my favorite views — a lobster pier on Shapleigh Island.  I found this location a year or so ago when I was driving by and saw it.

As we neared sunset, it became clear it was going to be a good one.  Pink and red light was scattering across the clouds in all directions.  I stood on the edge of Goat Island and photographed the lobster pier on Shapleigh Island.  I like this composition because you can see the skyline of Portsmouth in the background.  The only variable (other than the light) is the tide, which was mostly out when this photo was taken.  I’d generally prefer a high tide, so there would be more water to reflect the light, but it was not to be.

This is the second time I’ve gotten great light at this location.  The first time was one year ago, I wrote about it here.






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