A Quintessential Maine Panorama

When you think of Maine, you probably think of rugged coastlines, harbors, boats, and lobster.  Maybe a lighthouse or two (or three).  But getting all of that into one photo would be difficult.

When I decide to visit a location, I do a lot of research.  I like to follow “aggregator” Instagram accounts — accounts that re-post the best content from a state or locality.  This is a great way to virtually scout a location.  You can see what other photographers have found.  I like to make maps of these places, then go visit them.  Depending on the time of day, I’ll even set up a morning or evening shot and stay in a nearby hotel.

Prior to visiting Maine, I kept seeing photos of a lobster shack decorated with buoys.  After doing some digging, I found that it was on Bailey Island, south of Brunswick.  I decided to add it to my map and visit it.

The drive out of Brunswick and down to Bailey Island is quite beautiful.  There are several bridges connecting things, and there are small harbors with fishing boats and scenic views.

As I drove southwest toward the tip of the island, I saw the lobster shack on the right.  I pulled off the road and looked for a good composition.  This location is on private property, so I couldn’t walk up to it.  Because the tide was out, I clambered down the embankment from the road and stood on the tidal flat.  There was a derelict boat along the shore, and other boats moored in the harbor.  I took some photos of the shack with a zoom lens, but I think I like the panoramic view a bit better.


I like this location a lot.  I’ve since re-visited it near sunrise and sunset, hoping for better light.  Neither time did I get a great photo.  I’ll probably keep trying.



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