Gordes Panorama

In July of 2017, I spent a week in Provence.  I didn’t end up posting too many photos from that trip, although there were many good ones.  I’ve been digging through those files lately, so I thought I’d share something from that trip.

Gordes is a village perched on a hilltop, a few hundred meters above the surrounding landscape.  Gordes has existed since at least the middle ages, with Roman-era ruins nearby. During World War II, it was a site of active resistance against the Germans.  In the post-war era, damage was fixed, and the village has become popular with artists and tourists.

We stayed two nights at a nearby farm in the valley.  I had noticed a wonderful pullout as you neared the village that had a good view.  So, I stationed myself there both at sunrise and sunset.  This image was taken at sunrise:



This image is a stitched panorama.  What does that mean?  The image is actually six photos that were taken vertically, with each photo overlapping the other by about 20-30%.  Those images were then stitched together using software to produce the extra wide image you see here.

I’d really like to return to Provence.  We missed the peak lavender color on this 2017 trip by a couple of weeks.  Perhaps next year, as I’ve already planned my 2023 summer trip (back to Britanny and Paris).




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  1. Andrea says:

    Wow! Such a lovely photo and fun memory of a magical town. merci Peter!

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