Pink Light at Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

On a recent whirlwind trip to Maine to photograph sea smoke, I was also lucky to get some great sunrise and sunset light. My trip also coincided with a full moon.  I decided to see if I could get a full moon photo at Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, which is located in South Portland.  This area is full of good locations to photograph — you can also photograph Bug Light, the Portland Skyline, and even Cape Elizabeth and Portland Head Light (albeit from quite a distance).

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse is a “sparkplug” lighthouse that was built in 1897.  It marks the entrance to Portland Harbor.  On this cold evening, the rock jetty leading out to the lighthouse had ice from the tides.  While I was waiting for the moonrise, a beautiful pink light filtered behind the lighthouse from the sunset.  I waited until the red light on the lighthouse was on, and added the icy jetty to the composition for this photo:



After this photo, I moved to a pier to the left where I waited for the moon.  Although there wasn’t much of a moonrise, I did get a few photos — I’ll share those in a future post.




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