Full Moon at Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

My early February whirlwind trip to Maine to photograph sea smoke happened to coincide with a full moon.  There are a wealth of options for full moon photos along Maine’s coast — but the lure of a full moon and lighthouse photo almost always wins out for me.  So, while I had several options, I settled on Spring Point Ledge lighthouse, which was near where I was staying in South Portland.

The best time to capture full moon photos is when the moon rises around sunset or sets around sunrise.  This happens about once per month.  The dimmer skies at these times allow the moon to be well illuminated, but there’s enough ambient light that your subject is still well lit.

I decided to try and take a photo of the rising moon.  On this particular evening, there were some light clouds and a hazy marine layer.  I stationed myself on a pier and waited to see if the moon would show.  When it eventually did, I took the photo below:


Spring Point ledge Lighthouse


Unfortunately, the visibility of the moon didn’t last long.  You can already see that it’s heading into the clouds, which it did just a few short minutes later. I often like to get the moon aligned directly above the lighthouse, but by the time it was lined up, it was invisible due to the clouds.





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