Full Moon in Vernazza

I’ve been sharing a lot of photos from my April 2023 trip to Italy.  We visited Milan, the Cinque Terre region, Porto Venere, and had stops in Camogli and Nervi.  It was a wonderful trip, I love this area of Italy.

During our stay in Vernazza, we were lucky to have a full moon.  Often I plan trips around the full moon, but this time it was just a happy coincidence.  There wasn’t a great angle for a moon photo in Vernazza, but I had an idea for a composition from a viewpoint that I liked.

I got up before dawn and walked inland through town.  I then climbed up a hill and watched as the full moon dropped toward the horizon.  When it lined up with the Doria tower, I snapped this photo:


If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you’re probably used to the moon being a much larger subject in my moon photos.  In this case, I simply couldn’t back up far enough to make it look large.  Plus, this viewpoint gives a nice view of the town spreading out below the moon.  I also took a sunset photo from this viewpoint, which I’ll share in a future post.




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