Port Lympia

During our Spring 2024 trip to France, I spent four nights in Nice.  Nice is a wonderful place to vacation, with lots to do and see.  We arrived right at the beginning of the tourist season — April 1.  We got lucky with beautiful weather and little rain.  One day, we walked along the coast from Nice’s old town toward the port, Port Lympia.  This is a nice walk along the coast.  You can also climb up and over a large hill to make the journey.

The port has many yachts and other vessels moored there.  Of particular interest to me were many smaller, older-looking boats which were tied up along the edge.  Painted in a variety of colors, they made for a wonderful photograph:




After enjoying time around the port, we took the tram, which ends at Port Lympia, back through a tunnel and to the stop nearest to our apartment.





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  1. Peter Godwin says:

    That is a wonderful photo! Thank you.

    1. Peter says:

      Thank you!

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