Rainy Night at the Hacienda del Sol

I’ve already written a bit about my trip to Borrego Springs, a town in the Anzo-Borrego desert. I spent one night there, in large part because I wanted to stay at the Hacienda del Sol, a vintage motel at the edge of town.

My trip coincided with a few stormy days, which I wasn’t expecting. On my way to Borrego Springs, several of the low spots in the roads were flooded. Fortunately, they were still passable. After arriving, I had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, then waited for sunset. With the clouds and rain, there wasn’t much chance of good color. I decided to push ahead with my plans of photographing the motel sign, despite the rain. As the sky darkened, the rain slackened a bit. My digital camera is “water resistant”, so I set up to take photos. I decided to shoot a vertical composition with the sign reflected in a puddle. I thought this turned out very well:



I’ve got a lot more from California to share, plus a trip to the French Riviera coming up.  Stay tuned!





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