Morning at the Saguaro

During my January 2024 trip to Palm Springs, I spent a night at the Saguaro Hotel. The Saguaro boats a colorful exterior matched with bright rooms. I was hoping to get some photos of this colorful building from the exterior, as well as around the pool deck. I decided to photograph the scenes in the morning, hoping for some soft or golden light.

In the morning, I headed down to the pool deck to take photos of that area. The sun was rising behind me, and the pool area was illuminated with a soft light. I shot both digital and film photos, and I think I prefer the film photos. The photo below was taken on Kodak 120 film with a Fuji medium-format camera. This camera is new (to me) and I wish I had framed this scene a bit better — less sky and more pool. Still, I love the way film rendered the colors and the scene.



Later, with the sun higher in the sky, I went to the outside of the hotel and took this photo of the building exterior and a palm tree with some golden early morning light:



I will probably have a few more images from the Saguaro to share.  I may share the digital versions of these at some point as a comparison.






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