Morning Light in Portofino

During my September 2023 trip to Liguria, a province in Italy, I stayed in Santa Margherita Ligure for two nights.  Santa Margherita is just a short bus or ferry ride away from Portofino, the small yet famous town along the Ligurian coast.  I decided to visit, but also wanted to avoid the crowds.  The town is very popular with tourists and has become so popular that the local authorities have put restrictions on visitors, such as creating “no waiting” zones to discourage loitering and selfie taking.

With the summer tourism season still in full force, I figured arriving early would be best.  I decided to take the bus from Santa Margherita, with a goal of arriving around 8:00 a.m. — two hours before the first ferry arrived, which seems to be the preferred method of getting to Portofino.  After figuring out the local bus system, I was able to get a seat on the small bus that winds its way around the coast to Portofino.

When I arrived, I realized just how small the town is — a cluster of buildings around a small harbor, with several levels of streets climbing into the hillside.  I took my time exploring the town, wandering and taking photos.  I also climbed up to the traditional viewpoint and took a photo of the town from above.  The morning light wasn’t best for that view, so I’ll share this view of the harbor which had nice golden morning light illuminating the buildings and boats in the harbor area.


Morning light in Portofino

Morning light in Portofino


When I was ready to leave, I walked about twenty minutes along the coast to a small beach area called Paraggi, and took a few photos there as well.  There was a bus stop there, so when pulled up headed back to Santa Margherita Ligure, I jumped on.

I enjoyed my brief, several-hour-long visit.  I’d like to return, perhaps in the off season when things are a bit more chill.





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