More Atrani Light Trails

We spent several nights in Atrani over the summer.  Atrani is a small town next to Amalfi.  There’s a pedestrian tunnel through the mountain that connects the two.  We really liked Atrani — it wasn’t as busy as Amalfi, but so close that you could easily spend time in both places.

There are some great viewpoints from which a photo of Atrani can be taken, but they were hard for me to find ahead of time.  Some are from hotels, but those places were a bit out of our price range.  We ended up in a small AirBnB apartment on the square.  I had to wander and climb through the alleys, looking for good viewpoints.  My favorite one had a nice view of the town, with the beach below.  I stationed myself here for a blue hour photo shoot.  What I quickly noticed was that even late in the day there is a lot of traffic on the main road, which winds along the coast.  Taking a short exposure would leave partial light trails, blips of white or red through the photos.  I decided it would be better to take a much longer exposure so that the light would flow along the entire road.  This required about a 30 second exposure.  I think this one was my favorite:

Atrani Light Trails

Atrani Light Trails


I still have quite a lot to share from the Amalfi coast, and more from a recent Mexico trip.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Lawrence says:

    Good thinking about the tail lights – the long exposure worked well – nice image.

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