The Blue Swallow Motel on Film

My November 2022 trip to New Mexico included four nights in Tucumcari, New Mexico, along old Route 66.  I’ve written previously about the motels, gas stations, and other vintage treasures that line the streets there.  I’ve also written a bit about the Blue Swallow Motel, where I stayed for four nights.

In an effort to capture some of these places with a more vintage feel, I shot a lot of 35mm film photos.  I’m a relative novice with film, and many of my results are not so good.  However, I have found that I like the photos taken in strong sunlight with few shadows.  These tend to have subdued color and a very old feel to them.  The Blue Swallow Motel and its pastel colors made a great subject.  Of the daylight photos I took, I think I like this one best:


The Blue Swallow Motel


It may be a tad overexposed — again, still learning.  Film is such a different medium than digital, and I have no experience to fall back on.  I’m generally using the auto exposure mode and hoping for the best.  Nighttime shots are harder.  All this comes at a cost — about $12 for a roll of film and another $12 to develop it (mind you, with a $10 camera).   I’m trying to keep mistakes ($$) to a minimum.  Unfortunately, I tend to learn by doing, and through trial and error.  Still, I’m happy with this result.



3 comments on “The Blue Swallow Motel on Film”

  1. Philip Max Dodd says:

    Amazing. Definitely have that “old” & “antique” feel to them.Enjoy your work a lot. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Peter says:


  2. Aggie says:

    Love this kind of history preserved and love you took it on real film!

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