Stormclouds and Sunrays in Atrani

I’ve visited the Amalfi Coast in Italy twice now, including this past April for a spring break trip.  April is the beginning of the tourist season in that area, but the weather is still changeable and it’s not yet warm enough to swim.  The entire Amalfi Coast is beautiful, and well worth a visit.  There’s always the tough choice of where to stay — Amalfi, Positano, somewhere else?  We’ve stayed twice in Atrani, and it’s certainly my favorite place to stay.

Atrani is located next door to Amalfi, the two are connected either by a tunnel or by following the road along the coast. Whichever option you choose, is a short walk — perhaps a quarter of a mile through the tunnel, or a half mile if walking along the coastal road.  Although it’s very close to Amalfi, it’s a world apart.  It’s relatively quiet, with just a few shops and restaurants.  I like it very much.

When vacationing with photography as a goal, I’m always looking for places to stay that have a great view.  So, I was excited to find an apartment in Atrani that had a rooftop terrace all to ourselves.  The only downside was that was about 200 stairs up from the beach area — so every time you wanted to go somewhere, it was 200 down, and another 200 to return.  This wasn’t so terrible in April, but I had flashbacks to a previous trip to Atrani in July 2019 when it was about 90 degrees and climbing was quite taxing.

The weather varied some, with a bit of cloud and rain as one might expect in the spring.  This made for some great photo opportunities.  When the rain stopped one morning, I climbed up on the roof and saw the sun breaking through the clouds and sun rays pointing toward the church.


Stormclouds and Sunrays in Atrani

Stormclouds and Sunrays in Atrani


This was one of several wonderful photos I got from the rooftop of the apartment.  There seem to be quite a few good options for lodging with these sorts of views in Atrani.  If I returned, I’d probably seek out another option like this.




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