La Espera

I was recently in Atlixco, Puebla.  I was in the area looking for cempasuchil (marigold) fields to photograph.  While I waited for clear skies, I wandered through Atlixco, which is a wonderfully photogenic place.

A few streets away from the park, I came across a wonderful facade.  I love to photograph doors and windows set in crumbling facades.  This one was beautiful, and quite long.  A truck blocked one end of it, but no cars were in front of the majority. I quickly got a photo that I’m very happy with.


Unfortunately, due to the truck blocking the end of the wall, I had to cut off some letters — nza.  It should be “La Esperanza”, which makes a little more sense.


3 comments on “La Espera”

  1. lissa wozniak says:

    I hope you found your field of flowers? Nicely done by the way!

  2. Dean says:

    I was recently at Atlixco also. It only recently has been added to the list of ‘Pueblos Magicos’ so I added it to my presentation of ‘Pueblos Magicos of Puebla’ It could be a good place to live, small and peaceful but close to Puebla. It has a very good climate also. Part of this puebla looks like your photo, like it needs restoration.
    I hope you enjoy this! Pueblos Magicos of Puebla Mexico HD

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