Chicken Buses of Antigua Guatemala

I spent this Christmas in Antigua, Guatemala.  One of my favorite things about Guatemala are the brightly colored “chicken buses” that ply the roads there.  In addition to photographing them, I also had the need to ride in one for the first time, from Panajachel to Solola.  It was an experience to remember!

The buses are typically old school buses from the United States that have been repainted and decorated with bright colors and chrome trim.

Below are some photos taken of various chicken Buses from Antigua.  I spent a bit of time hanging around the bus terminal in Antigua, plus some busy intersections where I knew I’d see them.  I hope  you enjoy these photos as  much as I enjoyed taking them!



Texting in the shadow of a Chicken Bus


Chicken Bus in Antigua


Chicken Buses and food vendors, Antigua


Chicken Bus, Antigua


Loading luggage at dawn, Antigua. The volcano is Agua.


Dawn lineup of Chicken Buses, Antigua


Getting a shoe shine, Antigua


Chicken Buses, Antigua


Chicken Buses and Motorcycle, Antigua


Chicken Buses and Volcan Agua, Antigua


A tout calls out as the Chicken Bus moves through the streets of Antigua

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  1. Dave says:

    Nothing makes my day like a good looking bus. Spectacular photos!

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