Nice’s Blue Chairs

I am still editing photos from a trip to Nice, France that I took in early April 2024.  I traveled with a variety of cameras — two digital and two film. I find myself using the digital cameras for low-light situations, and also for what I’d call “traditional” landscape or cityscapes. During the day, I ended up using film cameras for street photography. Sometimes I would use both, and as I’ve edited them, picked the one that had the better feel. I haven’t mastered shooting film in lower light, so the dawn/dusk photos mostly tend to be digital.

Early one morning, I walked along the Promenade des Anglais, a path along the Mediterranean coastline. There was a half-moon in the sky, and beautiful light filtering through from the sunrise.  But what subject could I find?  I decided to photograph some of Nice’s iconic blue chairs, which line the Promenade.  I decided for a straight on view and used my digital point and shoot camera.  I picked a portrait orientation view so that I could include the moon:



The origin of these chairs goes back to the 1930s, with several different styles along the way through various production runs. Apparently, the chairs had a habit of disappearing, so they are now secured to the pavement so they can’t be removed.

I have a lot more Nice photos to show, plus more from Menton, Antibes, and Villefrance-sur-mer.




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