The Menton Scooter

During my April trip to France, we spent three nights in Menton. Menton is a beautiful town along the coast, just steps away from Italy. The town feels like Italy to me. In fact, Menton has been a part of Italy, Monaco, and France. The town is more pastel colored than its French neighbors, which reminds me of its Italian roots.

Climbing from sea level up into the town (the highest points are up a hill), there’s a lovely square fronted by a basilica.  The square looks over the water, with a beautiful staircase that heads down to the sea.  The buildings are a deep yellow, and luckily there was a cute green scooter parked there. I’d have preferred red, but green will do. I snapped a few photos, but the light wasn’t great. I could tell the buildings were blocking the mid-day sun, but things would probably get better around 4-5 p.m.  I returned later, and the scooter was gone — blast!

I returned the following day and a car was parked near the scooter, throwing it into the shade.  Strike two.

The third day, I finally found acceptable light, and the scooter was present.  I’d have preferred the scooter to be in the beam of light, but this was the scene that was presented (I briefly considered moving the scooter but decided against it).  I shot this photo on Kodak Gold film, and I like the way it turned out:



I’ll have a lot more content from the south of France in future posts!



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