Return to Camogli

On a trip to Italy last week, I returned to Camogli, a town I had last visited in 2016.  This time around, we spent the night in Nervi, about twenty minutes away.  However, I had always wanted to try and take a sunset photograph in Camogli, so I hopped a train and arrived in Camogli about an hour before sunset.

Camogli is located on the Ligurian coast of Italy, about thirty minutes from the port of Genoa.  The town has a beautiful waterfront, with wide beaches that are popular in the summer.  An outcropping of rock is topped by the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, which makes for a beautiful focal point.  When I first visited Camogli in 2016, I remember being shocked that such a beautiful town wasn’t even mentioned in the tourist guidebooks.  I suspect that may have changed, because even on this early-April evening, the town was hopping.

There were some nice clouds in the sky, and I was hopeful for a good sunset.  It didn’t turn out to be remarkable, unfortunately.  Of the photos I took, I think my favorite is of the golden late-day sunlight lighting up the buildings along the water:

Sunset in Camogli


We ended up spending a week along the coast, including three days in Vernazza and two in Porto Venere.  I’ll have more photos from this trip to share in the near future.





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