Nervi on Film

In April 2023, we spent a week in Italy along the Ligurian coast.  We flew into Milan, and then took a train to Genoa.  At Genoa, we transferred to a suburban train and ended our journey in Nervi, just outside of Genoa.  I had spotted Nervi when looking through Google Maps, and it looked like a pleasant place to spend the night.  After arriving, I took a walk through town with my Nikon FG, a 1980s 35mm film camera.  I like to use this camera for daytime street photography.

A path led from the train station along the coast, providing a beautiful view of the town:


Along the water, people were enjoying the sunshine:


Walking through town, I photographed these flowers and shoppers outside of a store:


I liked the way the light was hitting this entrance with a stylish house number and hanging plant:


This Focacceria was located down the street from our hotel, near the train station.  It was incredibly popular with long lines at all hours:


I also walked past a floral shop that had lots of flowers on display as well as hanging baskets:


I’m fond of the colors and vintage look produced by this camera when paired with Kodak film.  I’ll be sharing more film (and digital!) photos from my trip in upcoming posts.




2 comments on “Nervi on Film”

  1. Andrea says:

    These are awesome shots, Peter! Love the golden light in these. Great shot of the line at the focacceria- such a fun cultural commentary. 🙂

  2. Ale says:

    Thank you !!!!

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