Above the Douro River

I spent three days in Porto during my September 2021 visit to Portugal.  I was very impressed with Porto — it had friendly people, good food, reasonable lodging, and wonderful photographic opportunities.  I’ve always found that locations that are near water have that extra-something that makes for spectacular photos.  Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, and its location on the Douro River is central to its success. Port wine produced in the Douro Valley was shipped down the Douro river to Porto, stored in warehouses, and then shipped around the world.

One evening, I had been photographing the city from atop the Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar, a 15th-century monastery on a hill above the city.  As I walked back to my apartment, I walked along the top of the Dom Luis I bridge which has both train tracks and pedestrian walkways.  From the top of this bridge, 150 feet above the river, there are tremendous views.  It was shortly after sunset, but bright yellow light was reflecting off the clouds providing a magical experience.  I took this photo from the bridge:

Above the Douro River

Above the Douro River


I particularly liked the bends in the river and the other bridge in the distance.

I had hoped to return to Portugal in 2022, but sort of ran out of time.  I’m hoping to get back someday, though I’m not sure when.





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  1. Peter Paluska says:

    This is tremendous! Magical.

    1. Peter says:

      Thank you!

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