Tram 28 and the Cathedral

I visited Portugal about one year ago, in September 2021.  I was excited to take an international trip, my first one since Covid-19 shut down travel.  The number of Covid cases was low, so it felt a little safer.  Mask mandates still existed in many places, including airplanes.  The US government also required a negative test to return home, so that was in my mind as I traveled.  It ended up being a great trip.

One of the things I liked most about Lisbon were the trams.  It seemed like every time I turned around, I’d see one.  I got used to raising my camera up quickly and taking a few shots, as I found them very photogenic.

I had a few locations that I particularly liked, so over the course of several mornings I staked those spots out and waited for trams to come by.

One was the Cathedral in Lisbon, an imposing Latin-cross style structure which dates to the late 1100s.  There’s a nice curve in the road there, a great place to catch a tram coming around the corner.

So I set up with a wide-angle lens one morning and managed to get a few good photos.  This location was a little hard because taxis like to park in front of the cathedral.  Fortunately, there weren’t any early in the day.

Tram 28 and the Cathedral

Tram 28 and the Cathedral


Normally I’d correct my verticals on a photo like this, but I rather liked the way the angle works out with the tram.  I think it helps imply motion.  I decided to leave that alone.




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