Sunrise in Lisbon

In September of 2021, I took my first trip to Portugal.  I was excited to travel internationally again, after not having been abroad in nearly a year and a half due to the pandemic.  Covid numbers were very low, but there were still lots of travel restrictions and masks were obligatory in many spaces.  Negative tests were needed to fly, and it was complicated as I traveled through the UK and Spain as well.  To return to the United States, one needed a negative Covid test.  So you go through the trip a little worried about what might happen with that final test and whether you might be stranded in a foreign country….but it ended up ok, and it was a very nice trip.

I spent several days in Lisbon, and tried to get out early each morning to photograph something around sunrise.  My second morning, I ended up at a viewpoint near the Igreja de Santa Luzia.  There’s a wide platform there that has a wonderful view over the city.  I got there pretty early, and was joined by a few other photographers as we neared sunrise.

It was a pretty good sunrise, all things considered.  Not epic, but the best I got on my week’s long trip.

Sunrise in Lisbon

Sunrise in Lisbon


I especially like the pastel colors of some of the buildings, as well as the red tile roofs.  I visited the location later, during the day, and it was quite busy with other tourists, buskers, etc.




2 comments on “Sunrise in Lisbon”

  1. Paul williams says:

    Thank you. This place is next on my list, after another run to Argentina. Blue Dollar = tourist’s best pal!!

    1. Peter says:

      I think I’m headed back to Portugal in late November or early December. I’ve been wanting to go back since my last trip.

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