Polleria Alejandra

In the Fall of 2017, I visited the Cuetzalan, a town in Mexico’s Sierra Norte region.  Cuetzalan is one of Mexico’s “Pueblos Magicos” and is a few hours away from Puebla.  Buses link the two cities, and it’s a pretty easy trip — although the road is a bit twisty-turny, so if you plan to go, bring Dramamine if you experience motion sickness.

I arrived in Cuetzalan a day after the typical Day of the Dead celebrations, with a goal of photographing some of the local churches and things going on.  Cuetzalan has a regional market on the weekend, so there’s usually a lot to see and do, and interesting artesanias to look at.

Cuetzalan has a lot of outdoor activities as well.  There are several waterfalls nearby, including Cascada Las Brisas.  There are also some nearby ruins at Yohaulichan.

One of my favorite things to do in places like this is just wander around and look for interesting things to photograph.  Often that means pictures of cars, cats, dogs, storefronts, etc.  I don’t generally like to photograph people, though if they happen to be in a photo of this nature, that’s ok with me.  I was walking past an interesting store selling vegetables and chicken, and took this photo:

Polleria Alejandra

Polleria Alejandra

At the time, I didn’t think much of it.  But looking back, I like this photo very much.  I like the bright colors which are so often found in Mexico.  I also like the man with the bag slung over his shoulder.



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      Ale, como estas? Donde vives ahora?

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