A Full Moon and The Day of the Dead

I was in Cuetzalan, Mexico last year in early November.  Cuetzalan is one of Mexico’s “Pueblos Magicos”, and is a few hours away from Puebla.  Buses link the two cities, and it’s a pretty easy trip — although the road is a bit twisty-turny, so bring Dramamine if you experience motion sickness.

I arrived in Cuetzalan a day after the typical Day of the Dead celebrations, but the cemetery was still decked out and people were still celebrating.  I timed my arrival to coincide with a full moon, and picked a hotel with a terrace that gave me a good vantage point to photograph both the town’s churches, plus the moon.

As the moon rose, low clouds and fog rolled in.  I took a few photos before the moon was blocked, and I was happy with this one.  In the foreground is the Iglesia Los Jarritos, so called because the steeple is built with small jars.  Next to the church is the cemetery, which is all lit up for the festivities.  In the distance is the Iglesia de San Francisco, and above it all, an orange-yellow moon.

Day of the Dead Moon Over Cuetzalan.

Day of the Dead Moon Over Cuetzalan.

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