The Arena of Nîmes

Like everyone else, we’re currently locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic.  I’m taking some time to go through some photos from past trips that never made it onto the blog.

In the summer of 2017, we took a trip to Provence.  We flew into Nice, rented a car, and drove through some beautiful town in Provence.  We visited Valensole, Gordes, Rousillon, and Avignon.  We left the car in Avignon and finished the trip by taking the train to Nimes, before returning to Nice.

We were lucky to stay right next to the Arena of Nîmes, and I made it a goal to get a few good photos of it.  The Arena is a Roman amphitheater, built around 70 AD.  It’s remarkably well preserved and open daily for tours.  I was in a big “blue hour” phase of photography during this trip.  The blue hour is the window of time after the sun goes down when the sky turns a deep blue.  Here’s the Arena of Nîmes during the blue hour:

Arena of Nîmes

Arena of Nîmes


I really liked Nîmes.  The city also featured a Roman Temple, the Maison Carrée, as well as other ancient Roman ruins.



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