Another Cholula Moon Photo

In January 2020, I finally figured out the best way to get a photo of the iglesa de los Remedios in Cholula with the moon rising behind it.  I had great luck my first night there, when the moon rose about the same time as the sun was setting.

The next night, the moon rose about an hour after sunset, so it was much darker.  I went ahead and positioned myself in the appropriate location, and again found myself with another dozen or so photographers with the same idea.

As the moon rose, it was much more orange colored than the previous night.

Iglesia de los Remedios and the moon

Iglesia de los Remedios and the moon


I wish I had been a little further to the left, but there was a row of trees blocking my view from that position.  I’d rather have had the moon directly behind or above the church, instead of to the right, but I’m still very happy with the photo.  This moon was about 97% full, not quite full.

Everyone who sees this photos says it looks fake.  I assure you, it is not!



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