Winter is Coming!

Yeah, yeah, I know.  No one looks forward to winter.  Ok, maybe a few people do.  Some folks love winter sports — skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, hockey, etc.  Some people love cold crisp air that freezes your nostrils shut.  Photographers?  Opinions are mixed.  For some, winter is a time to travel to warm places, or dream of that summer vacation.  Others, like myself, bundle up and get outside in it.  Unfortunately, Indiana doesn’t get much snow.  So, our winter landscapes aren’t always very exciting.  Fortunately, I’m close enough to Michigan to drive north and try and capture some winter magic each year.

The most exciting thing about winter for me is the ever-changing quality of the landscapes.  Particularly along the coast, where snow, ice, and wind change the viewpoints every day.  Lighthouses, in particular, seem to benefit from a coat of ice.  Snow goes a long way to covering up the dry, ugly winter landscape.  And wind can create some epic moments.

Last winter I made several winter trips to Michigan, as well as one to New England.  In January, I drove to Michigan during the teeth of a winter storm to get some lighthouse photos.  I was hoping for wind, fresh snow with no footprints, and ice.

I wasn’t disappointed!  Grand Haven reported nearly 12 inches of snow, and I arrived as it was finishing up.  I spent two days photographing the area and got some great photos.  One of my favorites was this photo of the Grand Haven Lighthouse along with some ice, waves, and foreground snow.

Grand Haven after a winter storm.

Grand Haven after a winter storm.


I’ll be sharing a few more photos from this trip, as well as other winter photos in the upcoming months.

I’m hoping to make a few trips north this winter, plus I’ve already booked a return trip to Maine in January.



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