Múlafossur Waterfall

I’m locked down due to the pandemic, and it looks like travel is off the board for awhile.  I’m taking some time to go through some photos from past trips that never made it onto the blog.

In June of 2018, we took a trip to a place that few others go — the Faroe Islands.  We flew from Chicago to Copenhagen, spending a day and a half in Denmark.  Then, Copenhagen to the island of Vagar.  Why go through Denmark?  The Faroes are a self-governing country within the Kingdom of Denmark, so there are good flights between the two countries.

The Faroes are pretty remote — sitting in the North Atlantic between Iceland and Scotland.  They are sparsely populated, with a population of just 50,000 people.  There are residents on most islands, with many of the islands connected by a network of undersea tunnels.  A few of the islands can only be reached by boat or car ferry.

Our first stop on our trip was the town of Gasadalur, a short drive from the airport and accessed through a short tunnel bored through the mountainside.  The reason for stopping was to see the waterfall Múlafossur, which plunges from below the town into the sea.

Múlafossur Waterfall

Múlafossur Waterfall

We didn’t have great weather throughout this trip.  In fact, it rained every day.  We never got an epic sunset or anything close.  Still, it was a wonderful time.  I ended up visiting this waterfall several times as we were based nearby for two nights.

I’d certainly return to the Faroe Islands again if I got a chance.  It’s a very unique place and off the beaten path.

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