Sunset at Peggy’s Cove

My wife and I were recently in Nova Scotia for five days.  We traveled a loop around the southern and eastern edges of the peninsula.  My goal was to get to know Nova Scotia by visiting and photographing some of its lighthouses and seaside towns.  Our final night was spent in the small town of Peggy’s Cove, which is one of the more touristy places in the area.  Even on a cold, blustery day before the tourism season had officially begun, it was quite busy.

Throughout the trip we had a mix of good and bad weather — fog, rain, and even some sun.  I wasn’t holding out much hope for a good sunset on our last night, because it had clouded over during the afternoon and it looked like the clouds went all the way to the horizon.  As the sun dropped, a thin band of orange became visible under the clouds.  I decided to stake out a spot on the rocks near Peggy’s Point Lighthouse, and hoped the light would improve.  Within just a few minutes I realized we were in for a show.  The light got better and better, as the clouds reflected orange and red light from below the horizon.  It was a wonderful sunset.  I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I did taking it!

Peggy's Point Lighthouse at Sunset
Peggy’s Point Lighthouse at Sunset

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