The Two Forts of Campeche

Fuerte San José el Alto, Campeche.

Fuerte San José el Alto, Campeche.

While visiting Campeche in April, 2014, I visited both of the old forts in town.  Fuerte San Miguel was a repeat visit, as I had been there before.  I also wanted to visit San Jose el Alto, a fort I had missed on my previous visit.

I originally visited Fuerte San Miguel in September, 2012.  I wrote a blog entry about my visit here.  This time around, not much had changed.  The fort had a bit of a different look in April, due to the grass not being as green.  It’s a shot trip by cab from the centro of Campeche, and you can return by bus by walking down the hill and catching any bus headed back into the city.  You could bus to the Fuerte if you wanted to, but you’d have to walk up the hill, which might not be a great idea during the heat of the day.

I took a few more photos, a few of which are below.



Fuerte San Jose el Alto is located on the northern edge of town on a bluff overlooking the bay of Campeche.  Click here for a map.  The fort contains a museum of armaments.  When we arrived, a sign noted that it would be closed from October to November 2013 for upgrades to the HVAC systems.  It was now April 2014, and it was still closed.  We enjoyed the view of the exterior and took a few photos of the outside.  Please click the images below for larger versions…



We ended up walking back to the Centro from San Jose el Alto.  Going down the hill, catch Calle 10 and you can take this all the way back.  It’s a pretty street, and takes you past the Iglesia San Francisco as well as the Iglesia Guadalupe.



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