Photos From Tepoztlán

In February 2016, I visited the Mexican state of Morelos and the town of Tepoztlán.  The main purpose of my day in Tepotzlan was to climb to El Tepozteco, a small pyramid built on a peak of the Sierra de Tepotzlan.

When I had finished climbing, I had a late lunch and then walked around Tepoztlán for a few hours.  Nestled in the hills, it has a nice mix of shopping, small hotels, and interesting churches.  Tepoztlán appears to be the sort of place that attracts visitors from Mexico City on weekends.  It was very quiet the day I was there, but it was during the week.

Below are some photos I took, please click the images to enlarge.  I enjoyed my day there, and would certainly return if I was in the area again.


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