Second Class Bus Schedules From Mérida’s Noreste Station

If you want to take the bus when visiting less touristy areas around Mérida, you’ll probably need to take a second class bus.  Second class buses can be rewarding and challenging at the same time.  The reward?  You will get to see a lot of the countryside, the way many locals travel.  Plus, you will do so for the lowest cost.  The challenge?  It will take you a long time.  For example, in the first image below, the route starts with Tehuitz and goes all the way to Oxkutzcab — all the stops noted are along the same route, with many stops in between.  I can tell you from personal experience that getting to Telchaquillo (52 km) on this bus is nearly 1.5 hours.  You can imagine how long it may take to get to Oxcutzcab!

Information on second class bus schedules can be hard to come by on the internet, so on my most recent trip to Mérida, I took photos of the schedules inside the Noreste bus station.   There are many, many departures from this station to places all over the Yucatan.  These images are current as of December, 2019.  Times and fares may change, so please check in advance when making plans.  The bus station entrance is on Calle 67 between Calle 50 and 52.


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