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Canola field, the Palouse.

Tracking Down a Canola Field

One of the things I had hoped to see when I visited the Palouse area of southeastern Washington was a canola field.  …

Barn at Sunrise, the Palouse.

Red Barn at Dawn

During my visit to the Palouse area of Washington State, I spent a lot of time driving around looking for stuff to …

Whitman County Growers

A Trip to the Palouse

The Palouse — the southeastern corner of Washington State — is a bucket list destination for many photographers.  It’s an area of …

Chicken Bus, Antigua Guatemala

Early Morning Chicken Bus

One of the things I really like about Guatemala are the buses.  Tourists usually call them “chicken buses”, and I assume that …

Procession, Antigua, Guatemala

Semana Santa in Antigua

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is one of the most interesting times to be in Antigua Guatemala.  Massive processions flow through the …

Arco de Santa Catalina, Antigua, Guatemala

Reflections on Antigua

I was in Antigua, Guatemala last week.  This was my third trip that city in the past few years — obviously, I …