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Maya Ruins

Ruins at Mayapan

The Ruins at Mayapan

In April 2014, I visited the Mayan ruins at Mayapan.  While not as popular as the larger sites that everyone visits in …

Church and Watermelon Seller, Acanceh

A Brief Stop in Acanceh

During our April 2014 trip to the Yucatan, we took a daytrip from Mérida to the Mayapan ruins.  On the way back, we …

Temple of the 5 stories, Edzna

A Trip to Edzna

In September 2012, I visited the Mexican state of Campeche. As a part of that trip, we took a tour to the …

Structure 7, Tenam Puente

A Trip to Tenam Puente

Tenam Puente is a Mayan ruin located south of Comitan de Dominguez, in the Mexican state of Chiapas. Tenam Puente was a …


A Day in Izamal

In February 2013, during a trip to Mérida, I took a day trip to Izamal.  Izamal, “the yellow city”, is a city …