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Sololá cemetery.

The Cemetery in Sololá Guatemala

I have always had an interest in cemeteries — particularly those in Latin America.  Far from the dark, somber cemeteries we have …

Antiguo Panteón de Xalapa

The Creepiest Cemetery in Xalapa

For a variety of reasons, I have always enjoyed visiting cemeteries.  During my May 2015 trip to Veracruz state in Mexico, I stopped at …

Cemetery in Campeche.

The Cemetery in Campeche

During my last visit to Campeche, I walked to the cemetery south of the centro.  It’s fairly easy to find, and a …

Mérida Cemetery

Mérida’s Cemetery

In April 2014, I visited the Cementerio General in Mérida.  It’s a massive place full of interesting monuments and markers.  The cemetery …

Cemetery in Mompós

The Cemetery in Mompós

If you’re followed my blog much, you probably know I enjoy visiting cemeteries.  So when I decided to travel from Cartagena to Mompós, …