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Templo del Dulce Nombre de Jesus, Campeche.

More from Campeche

We visited Campeche in December, 2016.  I love Campeche — it’s one of my favorite cities in Mexico. Campeche was officially founded …

Door in Campeche

Photos from Campeche

Here are some photos taken in April, 2014 in the city of Campeche, Mexico.  Campeche has quickly become one of my favorite cities …

Cemetery in Campeche.

The Cemetery in Campeche

During my last visit to Campeche, I walked to the cemetery south of the centro.  It’s fairly easy to find, and a …

Fuerte San José el Alto, Campeche.

The Two Forts of Campeche

While visiting Campeche in April, 2014, I visited both of the old forts in town.  Fuerte San Miguel was a repeat visit, …

Castelmar Hotel at night.

Campeche at Night

Here are a few photos from Campeche around sunset and after dark.  Click the photos for larger images.  

Temple of the 5 stories, Edzna

A Trip to Edzna

In September 2012, I visited the Mexican state of Campeche. As a part of that trip, we took a tour to the …

Street view, Campeche

Walking around Campeche

In September, 2012, I visited the city of Campeche. The city of Campeche is the capital of the state of Campeche, located …

Fuerte San Miguel

Fuerte San Miguel, Campeche

I visited Campeche in September, 2012, when I originally wrote this piece…. The approach to Fuerte San Miguel is through a walled, …