More from Peggy’s Cove

Like everyone else, we’re currently locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic.  I’m taking some time to go through some photos from past trips that never made it onto the blog.

We took a trip to Nova Scotia in May of 2019, and it was wonderful.  We drove all around the southern part of province, then headed back towards Halifax, ending in Peggy’s Cove.  Most the places we visited were pretty devoid of tourists (it was early in the season), but Peggy’s Cove had tour buses and a lot of people.  As the sun began to set, it didn’t look like we’d have much of a sunset.  Looks can be deceiving, though, and as the sun dipped below the horizon, beautiful light spread out across the sky.  I spent most of my time photographing the lighthouse, but I also ran over to the small harbor and grabbed some photos of the buildings that sit above the water.  Though the main show of the sunset wasn’t behind this area, a beautiful pink or purple light was filtering through.


Nova Scotia was such a great place to visit, it went back on the list for another trip.  We planned to go this June, but our plans may need to be altered due to the pandemic.  Regardless, we will return here soon.


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