Parroquia de San José Obrero, Arandas

In February 2019, I traveled to Arandas, Jalisco.  There was a really interesting neo-gothic church there, Parroquia de San José Obrero, that I wanted to see.  I arrived on a first class bus from Guadalajara, and checked into a room at the hotel HMS Express.  I asked for a room on the top floor, and was given one with a nice view of the back of the church.

After sunset, I took a few photos from the room, trying to highlight some of the light trails from the cars passing.


The following morning, I also took a photo of the front, just as the sun was hitting the facade.

Parroquia de San José Obrero


It’s always interesting to see these neo-gothic churches in Mexico.  They feel very European.  This one reminded me of the French Cathedral in Chartes.  The major difference (other than geography) is that the French Cathedral has dis-similar towers, while this one is symmetrical.


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  1. Sergio Ugalde Lopez says:

    Wonderful place, can’t wait to go back…

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